Price for R-22 Raleigh


Price for R-22 in Raleigh Area

Have you been told you need R-22 for your air conditioning unit but are shocked at the high prices of R-22? Are you wondering what should cost and what the local Raleigh prices are?

First, what is important to understand is that R-22 prices have gone up constantly over the past few years and many times just in the past year. These have not been minor price changes but large, sudden spikes in the R-22 prices.

The reason for the price of the R-22 going up is based on the EPA years ago ordering the phasing out of R-22 as part of their efforts to protect the ozone. In 2010, all new units came out using a new type of refrigerant and production of the old R-22 was reduced about 75 percent.

So this is why if you needed refrigerant 3 years ago or even a year ago you got sticker shock when you realized that the price went up by 3 or 4 times what you paid a few years ago.

What is the most important thing to know if you are shopping for the best price?Photo

YOU HAVE A LEAK! – If you need refrigerant, you have a leak! This is not normal. Refrigerant gas is not like the gas in your car – allowing you to drive it normally until the gas runs out. Refrigerant needs to be full to run your AC properly. If it is not full, you are not getting the proper cooling or efficiency. With the high price of R-22 and the dangers of allowing refrigerant to go into the environment – living with a known leak is foolish and like lighting your money on fire.

You may have gotten a few years the last time you filled it up, but more often than not, suddenly you may find your unit leak the refrigerant faster – so you may put in $500.00 worth of R-22 – only to find it leak out in 2 weeks.

R-22 PRICE – When you are shopping for pricing from location HVAC techs, this is what you will want to know:

  1. Price per pound. Refrigerant is sold by the pound. Ask them what the price per pound is and what if it is only ½ pound?
  2. Do they charge any other fees? Many companies will tell you a low pound fee but do not tell you that they have a service charge and sometimes other fees. These fees are not necessarily wrong, but you will need to factor in all the charges to really compare apples to apples.  You may call around and someone says they charge 100.00/lb but do not tell that they charge $200.00 to come out and put it in, whereas another company may tell you $175.00 a pound but there are no other charges.
  3. Watch them carefully and make sure you choose a reputable company. R-22 is the type of thing where unethical companies can gouge you by telling you they put in more than they actually did. The only protection you have against this is doing research on the company and making sure they are honest and ethical.

AIR CONDITIONER LEAK SOLUTION – It is understandable that someone would chose a quick fix and have a few pounds put into their unit to get it cooling again – but with the high prices of R-22 and not knowing how long it would last in your unit, you are best to go with one of the following options:

Option 1.
Fix leak.
Traditionally to fix a leak requires your HVAC tech to find the leak – this can cost anywhere from $150.00 and up just to find the leak. Once they find it, they go in and plug or fix the hole.  Because this technique requires a lot of man-time, it is common that technicians would skip this option and sway you to installing a new coil or ac unit.

We at Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning are one of only a few who offer Special Leak Seal Treatment which does not require finding the leak. So the labor is much less and the cost is VERY reasonable and leaves you with an AC unit that no longer has a leak! And the best is that it is under 500.00 (less then you will pay to continue to replace your refrigerant).

Option 2.
New Coil –
If the leak is too large, many times you will need a change out of parts like the coil which could cost you around $2000.00 – $4000.00.

Option 3.
New Air Conditioning Unit –
If your unit is in bad shape and a change-out would not serve you well, the next option would be to purchase new ac unit.


If your unit is under 5 years old – you want to think about a change-out (replacing coil, etc) the unit is still under warranty in most cases and it is best to get a new part in there to last the many years the unit should have.
If your unit is older than 5 years old and under 13 years old your best option is a LEAK SEAL TREATMENT! This option will give you many more years of enjoying your current AC unit.

If your unit is older than 13 years old – it is time to start thinking about purchasing a new air conditioning unit.

If you are having a issue or known leak and live in the Raleigh, NC, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs or Wake Forest Areas. Let us come out for a free estimate on what you’re best options are for your leak.

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