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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Heat- Raleigh


3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Heat

If you live in the Raleigh, NC Area, you know how hot it can get in the summer. So much so, that it is just customary that once the summer heat hits, the air conditioner goes on. But how about springs, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep your home cool enough that you do not have to pump on your air conditioner unit?

Ice Machine RepairWell here are 3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

  1. Turn off appliances when you are not using them. Every appliance turned on releases heat into the air. Don’t believe it? Place your laptop on your lap for an hour or so and you will experience the type of heat that is generated by it.
  2. Block or reflect direct heat that enters your home. This can be done over time with landscaping and trees, but a more immediate solution may be selecting the right color or paint for your exterior walls. Dark walls absorb more heat on the walls thereby creating more heat inside the house. Light color paint will reflect the heat away – helping you to reduce the overall heat.
  3. Using reflective window coverings can also be a great way to keep the direct heat from coming into your home.

The basic principal is that you want to block any direct sun coming into your home while making sure there isn’t things heating it up inside. Being aware of this principle will help you to keep your home cooler in the Raleigh spring and summer!


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