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Air Conditioner Stopped Working?


AC SeerAir Conditioner Stopped Working? What to check for before calling a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Company

You know that dreaded feeling – it’s usually happens in the middle of a Raleigh heat wave … Your air conditioner stops working and it’s no longer cooling your home home.

Don’t fret – before you call a Raleigh HVAC technician, take these steps to determine if it is something simple you can fix or if you need to call a local HVAC technician.

  1. Turn the air conditioning unit completely off and then back on and check to see if air conditioning unit now works.
  2. Check your homes main circuit breaker inside your home and your outdoor unit – Check to see if both are in the “on” position and reset them if needed. Turn you air conditioner back on again as see if it now works.
  3. Check your thermostat and make sure the batteries are still good, if unsure, replace them and see if that fixes your issue.
  4. Still not working? Check the outside AC unit – do you see ice anywhere? If not, check your indoor coil to see if you see ice anywhere. If you see ice on either one of these the most likely cause could be that the blower is not pushing at peak efficiency, your low on refrigerant or your air conditioner coil needs to be cleaned. (All of these requiring an HVAC technician)

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Frank Alexander is an experienced engineering professional who holds a Master of Engineering degree from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the University of South Carolina. Frank holds licenses in both residential and commercial HVAC, and holds a limited electrical license. Frank is also NATE certified.

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