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Air Conditioning Installation– What you Need to Know!

Air Conditioning Installation– What you Need to Know!

If you are like most, you spent a lot of time of choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home, but did you know that most service calls on air conditioning units are due to bad air conditioning installation?

Over and over we see air conditioning leaks that where due to bad air conditioning installation and cutting corners … or worse, complete neglect in properly knowing how an air conditioning unit should be installed.

Yesterday during a customer tune- up call, I ran across an air handler install that was another hack job by a fly by night HVAC guy. The unit had a problem going into air condition mode so I followed procedure and tracked the electrical backward to the air handler.

When I go there, the condensate pan float switch, a safety device, was installed but not wired up. And even a novice could tell that it was never connected because the wire insulation had not been pulled of the ends of the wire leads! A quick five minute adjustment and the float switch was properly connected and tested.

The importance of the float switch is a backup safety device for the air conditioner. If the air conditioner condensate drain ever should get clogged, a secondary drain carries the water to the condensate pan underneath the air conditioning coil. If that pan should get full, the float switch is there to shut off the air conditioner to stop the production of condensation water. Should that float switch fail, or in this case wasn’t installed properly, the condensate pan can and will overflow and water will leak through your ceilings and may damage ceilings, lights, walls, floors and furniture. The damage could be significant if the problem occurs while the homeowner is on vacation. Damage like this can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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