Things you can do before you call:


  1. Have you checked and changed your filters? Change them
  2. Is there water in the drain pan under your evaporator coil? Empty the pan then call us – you have a major problem34216827_s
  3. Do the pipes to the evaporator coil appear frozen, iced over or frosty? Turn the mode to OFF and the Fan switch to ON and call us. We need an hour after you have changed these settings or we may have to charge you for defrosting the coil.
  4. Have you checked the breakers? Please check the breakers
  5. Have you looked at the outside unit? Things we need to know are is the fan running and is the compressor running.


If you have checked all of these things and still cannot get your system running, please give us a call.

919-886-HVAC  (4822)


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