Commercial Backflow Inspection and Certification

Backflow Certification

Backflow Inspection and Certification

Every commercial building in North Carolina requires an annual certification of the backflow preventer. Our trained and certified plumbers will arrive at your location for a backflow inspection and certify your backflow preventer. We will provide you with the proper certification documentation necessary to qualify your backflow preventer for the year.

Residential Backflow Inspection

If your home has a sprinkler system for the lawn, your sprinkler system must have a backflow preventor to prevent contaminated water mixing with your drinking water. Each year the backflow preventer must be certified by a trained plumber or backflow technician. Using your sprinkler system with a damaged backflow preventor could allow chemicals, pesticides or herbicides to enter into your home’s drinking water. This can be quite dangerous and cause health risks to you and your children.

Backflow Preventer Certification

Give us a call today to have one of our plumbers or trained backflow technicians certify your backflow preventor. This simple step will protect you and your family from potentially contaminated water caused by a faulty backflow preventor.

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