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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair, Raleigh, NC

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Is your Raleigh Area Business or Office experiencing air conditioning or heating problems? Are you looking for Air Conditioning Repair or an estimate for a new commercial air conditioning system install or change-out?

Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service HVAC mechanical service company providing quality installation, repair and service of commercial and office HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning systems).

A few of the industries we serve include: Theater HVAC Maintenance, Medical Buildings, Office Complexes, Retail Stors and Strip Mall Shops, Retirement Communities, Apartment Complexes, and Flexible Warehousing Spaces.

Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning offers commercial air conditioning repair and HVAC industrial services including:


Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning  specializes in commercial air conditioning  repair and  service for all types of commercial buildings and provide repair and service for heat pumps, air handling units,  recovery units, forced air furnace and air conditioners and more.

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