Do You Really Need a New Air Conditioning Unit Because of a Leak?

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Over and over we get calls from people told by other companies that they need a new air conditioning unit because they have a leak. In about 95% of those cases we were able to fix their leak for a fraction of the cost —while saving them many more years on their air conditioning unit.

If this is the case, why are people being told they need a new unit? Several reasons.   york2

First, selling them a new unit makes them a lot more money. Second, most HVAC companies are not up to date with the new technology available to fix a leak.

Traditionally, when an air conditioning unit had a leak, a technician would need to do a leak detection which was timely and costly just to find the leak – that doesn’t include then going in and fixing the leak. Many times there could be more than one leak and was missed.

We specialize in a simple and affordable leak seal treatment that does not require us to detect the leak. With our simple 3-step proven process we can seal your leak in about an hour and have the air conditioning unit up and running, leak free!

Would a leak seal treatment work for you?

When evaluating whether you truly need a new air conditioning unit or you can do a leak seal treatment, the main question we ask is:

How old is your unit?
If your unit is under 12 years old a leak seal treatment would be a good option. Anything over 12 years and it may be better to replace the air conditioning unit.

Living with a leak is no longer an option with refrigerant prices continuing to rise. If you have a leak and have been living with it or told you need a new air conditioning unit and live in the Greater Raleigh, NC area. Give Alexander Heating and Air Conditioning a call to see if our leak seal treatment is an option for you,  Call (919) 886-4822



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