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ESC Training Video Links



  1. Getting Started with ESC
    1. Creating a new database
    2. Emailing and paging in ESC
    3. Backing up your database
    4. Navigating with the ESC software
    5. Setting up User Accounts
  2. ESC Mobile App
    1. ESC mobile
    2. ESC mobile customer tab
    3. ESC mobile dispatch tab
    4. ESC mobile management tab
    5. ESC mobile
  3. ESC Customer Info Essentials
    1. Setting up customers
    2. Setting up jobs
    3. Tracking equipment
    4. Using the customer information screen
  4. ESC Dispatching Essentials
    1. Setup dispatching
    2. Creating a dispatch
    3. Completing an dispatch
    4. Qualifying a customer
    5. Customizing the qualifications screen
    6. Managing technicians
    7. Navigating the EDB
  5. ESC Sales Invoicing Essentials
    1. Building an invoice
    2. How to create an invoice
    3. How to create credit memos
    4. How to create quotes
    5. Progressive billing
    6. Setting up sales invoicing
    7. Third party billing
    8. Tracking technician time & sales
  6. ESC Inventory Essentials
    1. Costing and pricing
    2. Intro to series
    3. Managing physical inventory
    4. Set up a flat rate item
    5. Set up an assembly item
    6. Set up a serialized item
    7. Set up a stock item
    8. Set up billing codes
    9. Set up history codes
  7. Service Agreement Essentials
    1. Advanced Agreement Invoicing
    2. Advanced Agreement Scheduling
    3. Creating a basic agreement
    4. Posting agreements
    5. Service agreement set up
  8. ESC Receivables
    1. Accepting prepayments
    2. Entering payments
    3. Statements and finance charges
    4. ESC collections manager
  9. ESC Reporting Essentials
    1. Using Report generation
    2. Using word processor templates
  10. Steps
    1. Customer Management
    2. Dispatch Entry
    3. Invoice Entry
    4. Quoting
    5. Service agreement Entry
    6. Inventory management
    7. Purchasing
    8. Utilizing the Mobile Tech App

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