Here Are Some Home Energy Efficiency Ideas for Everyone

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There are many common home energy efficiency ideas that you as a homeowner can accomplish with little or no money. Performing these tips can help you increase the life of your home and equipment and improve your quality of life.

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If you are starting to look at building a new home, check out some of the energy efficient home building ideas from National Geographic. Some of these ideas can be incorporated into new construction at a very small increase in cost.

If you already have a home, then you might be looking for ways on saving without having to build a new house. Energy Star provides some great tips on saving energy at home.

Or maybe you just need some simple ideas to get you started. The US Small Business Administration offers some great energy saving tips.

But before you get started, let me share a little something about energy saving. UL posted this article on energy saving facts. Herein lie some truths and myths about energy savings.

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