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Signs You are Low on Refrigerant


How to know if I am low on refrigerant

So you’ve just had someone service your Air Conditioning unit and they told you that you need refrigerant… but you are not sure your air conditioning technician is telling you the truth. Here are 3 ways you can determine if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant:

  • First, you will notice that your air conditioner is not cooling as it used to. You will find that although you have it running high, it barely cools and maybe not at all. Over and over we find people tell us they cannot believe that their home gets so cold, so fast after having R-22 added to their air conditioning system.
  • Second, you may find that your air conditioner will be leaking lots of water at the air handler.
  • Third, your outside lines are frozen inside the condenser or you see the pipes frozen over.

Most people think that R-22 is like gas in your car and that the air conditioning unit uses up the R-22 and you add more. This is not correct. For an air conditioning unit to work properly it needs to be full with R-22, anything other than the maximum amount in the system and that means you have a problem.

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