Programming a Thermostat

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Programming a Honeywell Thermostat

Don’t let programming your thermostat scare you. It is highly effective at saving on your utility bill. Turning down the thermostat a few degrees in the winter can save you significant money during the cold season and turning it up a few degrees during the summer will save you even more.

Save Money

Summertime is murder on your utility bill. Running your air conditioner at the same setting all day and night puts a huge burden on the equipment and on your wallet. By programming your air conditioner to raise the house temperature 5-8 degrees during the heat of the day and while you are at work will save you lots of money and repairs in the long run. Another significant benefit to programming the thermostat is that you can bring the house temperature back down to a comfortable level before you normally get home.


The reverse is true for the winter. Raise the temperature just before you get home and lower it in the morning while you are away. Watch the video above for an instructional step by step process to program one of the more common thermostats on the market.


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