Why is One Room Colder than the Rest of the House?

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Why is One Room Colder than the Rest of the House?16143208_s

Have you found that you have one area or room in the house that is colder than the rest of the house?

Here is a question we recently got from someone contacting us by email.

Why is My Room the Coldest Room in the House?

“I have a semi-small room and two closets in my room. They are not walk-in or anything. One of the closets used to be a storage room that was closed off to create the closet when we added an addition this closet is not insulated. I also have two pillows in front of the closet door to block any drafts and a towel in front of the other to block at drafts. I sleep with the door open as well. I was told it was a vent problem because I put my hand to the vent and no air came through when the heater was on. This room gets so cold, much cooler than the rest of the house. We can’t fix the vent it would cost us too much and besides, what I am doing now, what else can I do? I have a small portable heater that is pretty safe but don’t want to put it up because my dog sleeps in my room and might knock it down the heater does have a tip over setting where it will shut off if it falls over.”

Here was my answer to her about her cold room.

Yes, it is a vent balancing issue for the central heat system not to be heating your room. Sometimes (more so in newer homes) the system is installed with dampers near the air handler. Check to see if the damper is closed. I gather because it is too expensive to open the vent that the duct work is enclosed in some wall or other cavity and cannot be accessed. But you may be able to detect if the hose is disconnected at the vent. It could be leaking from another joint closer to the air handler. A mini split heat pump or a wall mounted heat pump might be an alternative on older homes.



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